1910 Census


Rachel Flowers

From this slide, I gathered the following information:

1. Rachel Flowers relocated from Florida to Boiling Springs, PA with her father and three siblings in the early 1900s.

2. Her father name is Harry F. Flowers.

3. She enrolled at Messiah Academy in 1916.

4. In the 1950s, Rachel held a civil service position.

I decided to punch this information into Ancestry.com using a free 14-day trial and found the Flowers family in the 1910 Census.

1910 United States Federal Census-1

1910 United States Federal Census

Mrs. N.J.P., Rachel’s mother, is listed as the head of the household. She (Rachel’s mother) is listed as a mulatto. In 1910, she is 37 years of age which means she was most likely born between 1872 and 1873. Both Nancy and her mother were born in North Carolina while her father was born in Virginia. Mrs. N.J.P Flowers in 1910 had been married to Harry Flowers (who is not listed in the 1910 Census) for 19 years; therefore, Mrs. Flowers married Harry when she was 18 years old in 1891.

What brought Mrs. N.J.P. down to Florida?

She is listed as owning her own farm with eight out of her nine children living. Her oldest son, Chauncey Flowers, was born in either 1894 or 1895. He was born in Florida and worked as a porter (not sure what the Census said) in a book store. I tell you the hardest aspect of working with census documents is trying to decipher a person’s handwriting.

His younger brother John C. Flowers was born in 1897 and worked as a farm hand at home. Fred L. Flowers was born in 1899, Rachel in 1901, Theodore in 1903, Vincent in 1906, Gladys Flowers in 1908, and Clifford Flowers in 1910. What a large family!

The 1910 Census is a wonderful find and a great starting point for this research.

Until the next post.



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