In General

I am not going to lie researching has been a pain. I been researching Rachel Flowers for the past six months or so and it is a headache–a good, yet frustrating headache.It is hard searching for a person who was born between 1901 to 1903. It is even harder when the person is black. I know I have done a lot and I have found more than what I would ever hope to find, but I want to find a family member, someone who can tell me firsthand about Rachel Flowers. I do not want to create her story based on federal documents. It does not tell me how she felt, how she lived, or her personality. It is an injustice to her.  I guess I can only hope right?

Yes, it is a headache, but like I said before a good one. Rachel’s story needs to be discovered and I will be the one who will do that.



7 responses to “In General

  1. What a wonderful blog. I tried researching my own family tree over the years. I know what you’re up against!

  2. Thanks for signing up for my blog. I am an historian and am thrilled to see what you are doing. I find African American history very exciting, partly because people ignored it for so long. good luck. If I can help with ideas or books or as a sounding board, just let me know.

  3. Thanks for liking my page. Just getting started on blogging. I get inspired and want to learn more. Great to see other historians to learn from. I understand about not finding much research. Love bringing little known history to light.

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