Vincent Allen Flowers

Vincent Allen Flowers is Rachel’s younger brother. He also attended my school from 1923 to 1927. Here is the information the school found about him back in 2010.

Vincent Flowers for blog

He attended the school five years after his sister and was an aspiring pianist. So we will start with the 1910 Census. In the 1910 Census, Vincent was four years old. I am guessing he was born between 1905-1906. Later  I would find out through other records he was born in 1905.

1910 United States Federal Census

I also found Vincent in the 1920 Census.

1920 United States Federal Census-1

Vincent was 14 years old and did not work. A surprise I found in both census was that the Flowers family lived in integrated neighborhoods…actually they were the only black family living in that area. After finding this information I decided to check the military records through As I searched through the military records I found this:

Vincent Flowers Blog

From 1942 to 1945, Vincent served in the South Pacific during WWII. Now let’s rewind back to discuss some of my recent findings and by recent I mean last night. From the help of a historian I was directed to use the Proquest Black Historical Newspapers database. Sounds good right, well my library did not have a subscription for it. So my now favorite librarian was able to get me a free trial for 30 days. From the Philadelphia Tribune, I found this article.

“Stroudsburg Innkeeper Arrested, Denied Service.” Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001). Philadelphia, Penn., August 29, 1950.

Stroudsburg, PA—A fight against segregation started here last Tuesday after a Philadelphia Negro in company of three whites was allegedly refused service at an establishment and told that “we do not serve Negroes.” The object of the alleged discrimination was an Army veteran was Vincent Flowers…Flowers served three years in the South Pacific during World War II and a brother was killed in action.

Another article I found shows the graduation announcement for Vincent.

Graduate Chauncey Flowers

There is still much more to discover about Vincent’s life, but this is a start.

Until the next post

Vincent Allen Flowers (July 23, 1905-December 15, 2002)



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