Hilda Flowers

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Who is Hilda Flowers, also known as Mrs. Herbert Wilson?

Family Tree

(Sorry huge family tree, you will have to click on it to expand it.)

Hilda Clifford Flowers is the last child born to Harry Flowers and Nancy Sams. She was born in 1910 (maybe 1911) in Jacksonville, FA. After her family moved to Boiling Springs, PA, I believe that she went to school at Boiling Springs High School and did not attend college. In the 1910 Census, Hilda is not listed, but she actually is.

Take a look:

1910 United States Federal Census

See, she is not there, but did you notice the name of the last child? Clifford Flowers, a son, born to Harry and Nancy Flowers. Now, did you notice Hilda’s middle name? It is Clifford, a coincidence I do not think so. Let’s take a look at the 1920 Census.

1920 United States Federal Census-1

Hilda is listed as being born in 1910, the same year as Clifford. I strongly believe that Hilda and Clifford are the same person, yet I cannot prove it until I find better facts or a family member to speak to.



The Flowers’ girls were golf players. In numerous articles, stories are told about Rachel, Gladys, and Hilda (Mrs. Herbert Wilson)  playing golf. In 1929, Gladys and Hilda gained membership to the Fairview Golf Club at 321 South Hicks Street. Even in the statement beneath the photo above, Hilda loved golf more than anything else.


In September 1939, Hilda married Herbert Wilson at the St. Augustine Church in Harrisburg, PA. Her sister, Rachel, was her maid of honor and only a few people attended this wedding. The one line that makes me laugh in this articles is “The bride is one of the most popular of the younger set.” I though Rachel was popular, but I was wrong. Herbert Wilson, her husband, was a clerk in the postal service and remained a clerk until his death in the mid-1960s.

Wedding Party

Hilda and her sister Gladys married the same year. Their older sister Rachel hosted a party for the newlyweds. The house was beautifully decorated with masses of flowers and a violinist, pianist, and various singers kept the guest entertained.

In the 1930 Census, I find Hilda unmarried and in the 1940 Census, I have not found either her or her husband. It takes a great amount of searching, but I am not going to quit yet.




Baby boy


Most of my information does come from newspaper articles from the Philadelphia Tribune or the Afro-American Baltimore Newspaper. In 1936, the Tribune announced the birth of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson’s on Herbert Jr.. They also stated that she will always be remember as the erstwhile Miss. Hilda Clifford Flowers.

Husbands death

The last article I found about the Wilson family was death of Herbert Wilson in 1969 from a heart attack at his place of employment. Hilda and Herbert were separated, they post lived at different addresses and she was saddened by his death. Together they had three children, Herbert Jr., Geraldine, and Harry Wilson.

There is still much to learn about Hilda, but so far this is some of the information I have found about her. I will continue to search and read, but until then I hope you are enjoying the post.

Hilda Clifford Flowers Wilson (1910-unknown)




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