It’s A Party


…hosted by Miss. Rachel Flowers.

Well we went through most of the Flowers’ family with the exception of John, Fred, Theodore, and Gladys. I found a good amount of information about Gladys Flowers Stevenson, but little to no information about John, Fred, or Theodore. Also Nancy at provided me with an archive database that contains information about Hilda Wilson and her daughter Geraldine, it answered many questions. I will post soon about what I found. Thanks Nancy!

Rachel was well known within the black Philadelphia and Harrisburg community. She was a member of various organizations and sport clubs such as Q.C. Charity Club, choir director at St. Phillips Choir, YWCA, Study of Negro Life and History, the Utopia Business and Professional Club, Las Buenas Amigas, the B and P Club, and various others clubs.



With that being said, I have noticed that Miss. Rachel hosted a few parties. Let’s start with the “Spook’s Spooky PartFantasticque”. On October 20, 1932, Rachel hosted a Halloween party. The guest included her sisters and brother-in-laws, Herbert, Hilda, Paul, and Gladys. Also, many prominent members of the black community.

The guest were Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Miss Lillian Goings, Miss Laura A. Brown of Camden, N. J.., Mr. and Mrs. Ricahrd Mack, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Frances Ingersoll, Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Stevenson, Mrs. Eaton Burnett, Mrs. William Jarvis, Miss. Sarah Monk, Miss. Alberta Wilkerson, Miss. Marion Brown, Miss. Eunice White, Miss. Mildred Burris, Miss. Theo. Gibson, Mr. J. Walker Freeman, Mr. Earle Roberts, Mr. Benjamin Freeman, Mr. Charles Green, Mr. Frank Hamilton, and others.


HostessIn 1934, Rachel hosted another party at her home on North Frazier Street in Philadelphia, PA. The guest again included her siblings and their spouses along with the some of the same guest that attended her Halloween party. Between 1930 and 1931, both of Rachel’s sisters married. Rachel held a celebration in honor of their big day.




The details of this party is just amazing. The home was decorated with masses of flowers transforming each room into a “veritable fairyland of color”. There were fifty guests, a violinist, a pianist, and soloists. It makes me question the occupation of Rachel. In the 1930 Census, she was listed as the maid of the mayor of Philadelphia. Her lifestyle does not match her occupation. I guess I will have to do further research about that. This is about four years after her father’s death, perhaps she was left with money. This would make sense for she was also left with the home in Boiling Springs, PA.






Rachel hosted countless parties, I just wanted to share a few with y’all. The next post will be about her sister Gladys Flowers Stevenson. Thanks for reading, I made it to 400+ views, so that was exciting.

Until the next post!



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  1. Good job here Christina. Your work opens a lot of important questions about African American history in all its nuances oft left out of the dominant narratives of a nation’s history.

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