Because The World Looks Better In Black and White…Estonia and Latvia

This past week, my study abroad group travelled to Tallinn, Estonia and Riga, Latvia. We left last Thursday night at 10:30 pm and of course I got on the bus extra early to get my own seat because we were not going to arrive until 8 am. For most of the trip I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X and wrote other times I braided my hair and watched Shawshank Redemption sitting behind an overly loud person who commented and made noise the entire film. It was interesting riding through a different country. Immediately you know when you enter Latvia, the roads are rough and horrible. Then, we got into Tallinn and it was beautiful. It was an old historic town with the cobblestone streets and it had this medieval feel to it. Here are the pictures:

Estonia Latvia and Me 004
Estonia Latvia and Me 005
Estonia Latvia and Me 007Estonia Latvia and Me 008
Estonia Latvia and Me 010
Estonia Latvia and Me 012
Estonia Latvia and Me 017
Estonia Latvia and Me 019
Estonia Latvia and Me 032
Estonia Latvia and Me 040
Estonia Latvia and Me 043
Estonia Latvia and Me 054Estonia Latvia and Me 023
Estonia Latvia and Me 064
Estonia Latvia and Me 071
Estonia Latvia and Me 084
Estonia Latvia and Me 104
Estonia Latvia and Me 109
Estonia Latvia and Me 129
Estonia Latvia and Me 137

Here is just a few of the many…200 photos. Also are a few people took of me that I really love.

Not many people can say they went bike riding through Tallinn.

In Russia, Estonia, and Latvia, I travelled throughout the city with Elizabeth. Fun times and great memories! I believe someone took this photo at this restaurant which had this banging charcoal BBQ chicken.

So, I just wanted to share with you a bit of the world. I have 2 more weeks to go and then I will be home, where the true adventure of finding a job begins. I hope to get the internship I applied to, but if not am a saver and I have a good amount stored away in a bank account that I can live off of. I just hope not having an internship does not affect my chances in getting into grad school. Stressed, you bet.

Until the next post.



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