Summer 2017

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My summer.

In early June, I returned home after finishing up 2 years at a university’s Office of Housing and graduating. In just a week, I took a train from North Carolina to Pennsylvania and began a week and a half Civil Rights Bus Tour (which I blogged briefly about). From there, I took a bus to Baltimore to secure housing before school, traveled to Harlem to visit my sister, flew out from JFK to Barbados, and returned home to make the move to Baltimore. Oh and I celebrated my birthday…I completely forgot.

I arrived on Friday; therefore, the last few days were full of unpacking and shopping. I can now say this little 574 square foot apartment is feeling more and more like home. It is still quite the transition especially with city traffic, but new city, new challenges. I am just happy to rest and to be still in one place.

So I will continue the blog with the remainder of the Civil Rights Bus Tour, Barbados, and summer research:)

Its good to be back.


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