New Project

Finish my first week of classes here in Lithuania. They are not hard, well actually it was only the first week which is the easiest week, but from the looks of it I am hoping for an academically good semester. I am still trying to create an independent study to make my senior year a […]

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New Year, New Findings

Happy New Year In five days I leave for Lithuania to study abroad for a semester. I still need to shop, pack, and figure out some passport and insurance stuff. Other then that I am ready to go and experience something different. With this break from school I have been catching up with the Voice […]

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Census Documents and Google Maps

Current pictures of addresses found in census documents and new articles. On census documents street names are typically on the side, once, where the census person first started. Because of this, you will have to go back to previous census documents in order to retrieve a street address. Sadly for this set in the 1910s […]

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