Its All In The Name

Vincent Allen Flowers 1906-2002 My thesis does not include the biography of Vincent Allen Flowers. To make my research more practical in two semesters, I focus on the biographies and more specifically the educational activism of Reverend Joseph J. Sawyer, Rachel Helen Flowers, and Geraldine Louise Wilson. Nonetheless, I continue to research all of the […]

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They Called Him Vin

                                                                  Messiah College Brethren Christ Library Yearbooks share with you the perspective of your subject’s peers. For Vincent, his 1927 yearbook was a […]

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Short Introduction

To do list: Apply to graduate school Choose a date to take the GRE Study for the GRE Figure out how to pay for these outrageous application fees Call my momma…I have not talk to her in more than three weeks. I wish I could say I was relaxing my senior year, you know taking […]

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Vincent Allen Flowers

From 1923 to 1927, Vincent Allen Flowers, Rachel’s youngest brother, attended Messiah Academy, the institution’s high school. Hierald Osorto also honored Vincent during the college’s centennial celebration.   Based on the 1910 Federal Census, a four year old Vincent was born between 1905 to 1906.   On the 1920 Federal Census, a 14 year old […]

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