“Greenview Dwelling”: Discovering the Flowers Family’s Home

In the early twentieth-century, Rachel Flowers was a Black socialite in the Harrisburg and Philadelphia region. Her parties attracted members of the Black middle class and due to her educational activism, also educators from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and even Bermuda. When her events were hosted in Harrisburg, news articles referred to her country […]

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(Updated) Chauncey Sawyer Flowers

In 1895, Harry and Nancy (Sawyer) Flowers gave birth to their first child, Chauncey Flowers in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. He is Rachel Flowers’ eldest brother. One of the first items I look for in my research is a photo. I discovered a number of primary sources detailing his life, yet currently no photo […]

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“My Grandmothers Were Six Feet Tall”: Geraldine’s Family Memories

Geraldine Wilson, 1955 The more I discover about this family, the more I wondered if they were aware of one another’s accomplishments. I wondered if Geraldine knew of her grandfather’s service in the American Civil War. Did Rachel know of her grandfather’s educational activism? Did this fuel her own activism?As always in research, with many […]

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Its All In The Name

Vincent Allen Flowers 1906-2002 My thesis does not include the biography of Vincent Allen Flowers. To make my research more practical in two semesters, I focus on the biographies and more specifically the educational activism of Reverend Joseph J. Sawyer, Rachel Helen Flowers, and Geraldine Louise Wilson. Nonetheless, I continue to research all of the […]

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