Geraldine L. Wilson and Black Consciousness Workshops for Mississippi’s Head Start Teachers

Geraldine Wilson, Photos & Prints Division at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, NYPL Geraldine Wilson arrived to Mississippi during the concluding weeks of Freedom Summer, a summer-long collective call for action to civil rights in the state. There are many questions surrounding her late arrival and her activism during that summer. Wilson […]

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Rachel’s Journey to Messiah.

Been gone for a minute. I will post soon about an update on the graduate program and life, but for now we will start where I left off–my research on Rachel H. Flowers. Over the next few weeks, I am slowly updating older post and changing the look of the blog. So stay tune for […]

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“Greenview Dwelling”: Discovering the Flowers Family’s Home

In the early twentieth-century, Rachel Flowers was a Black socialite in the Harrisburg and Philadelphia region. Her parties attracted members of the Black middle class and due to her educational activism, also educators from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and even Bermuda. When her events were hosted in Harrisburg, news articles referred to her country […]

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Day 5: Birmingham (PART III)

Just FYI I took this trip back in June. So these posts are simply reflections.¬† Carolyn McKinstry, one of the survivors from the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing (1963), signing her book¬†While the World Watched After spending the morning in Montgomery, our group traveled to Birmingham for the afternoon. We had the liberty of exploring […]

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Day #5: Montgomery (Part II)

    Before I jump into this blog, I want to share a quick story about Phyllis Brown, a woman I met on the course of this trip. Her older sister, Minnijean Brown, was among the nine who desegregated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. P. Brown joined us for two days on the […]

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Summer 2017

My summer. In early June, I returned home after finishing up 2 years at a university’s Office of Housing and graduating. In just a week, I took a train from North Carolina to Pennsylvania and began a week and a half Civil Rights Bus Tour (which I blogged briefly about). From there, I took a […]

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The Thesis Process

This past January I celebrated my five year research anniversary *does a happy dance*. Since 2012, I conducted research on the Flowers family and continued my research into graduate school. I had a small advantage–I completed the majority of my research over the years. At this point, I simply needed to write. It was impossible […]

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