Short Introduction

To do list: Apply to graduate school Choose a date to take the GRE Study for the GRE Figure out how to pay for these outrageous application fees Call my momma…I have not talk to her in more than three weeks. I wish I could say I was relaxing my senior year, you know taking […]

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I am home! I arrived in the United States on Sunday without any delays or troubles from custom after 20 hours or more of travelling. I was extremely exhausted and jet lag is taking its toll on me. I miss Lithuania well the simplicity of life there. It actually started to get warmer and the […]

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Meshach Paul Krikorian

Was writing about the importance of Rachel Flowers and her accomplishments to Messiah College’s community when I stumbled upon the biography of Meshach Paul Krikorian. Now, I have seen this biography many times and actually began to do some further research on Meshach, but was consumed with the Flowers project and never completed it. Out of […]

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For Evers: Part I

  Today I did a little over an hour of research on the Evers family. I have about three pages of notes, made two family trees for the blogs, and started to read The Autobiography of Medgar Evers: A Hero’s Life and Legacy Revealed Through His Writings, Letters, and Speeches by his wife, Myrlie Evers-Williams, […]

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New Project

Finish my first week of classes here in Lithuania. They are not hard, well actually it was only the first week which is the easiest week, but from the looks of it I am hoping for an academically good semester. I am still trying to create an independent study to make my senior year a […]

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New Year, New Findings

Happy New Year In five days I leave for Lithuania to study abroad for a semester. I still need to shop, pack, and figure out some passport and insurance stuff. Other then that I am ready to go and experience something different. With this break from school I have been catching up with the Voice […]

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Hilda Flowers: Mississippi Civil Right and Grassroots movements

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) focused on getting students involved in nonviolent civil rights and grassroots organizing. SNCC members assisted black voters in the rural South and help formed the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. The SNCC members of Philadelphia faced daily harassment from local authorities who responded to white fears of black militancy and […]

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